ISO Certification

In April 2003 JHL underwent a formal ISO 9001 audit. We passed with flying colors!

We have worked long and hard to achieve this prestigious recognition. Many thanks
go to all the department heads who gave so generously of their time and effort. Of
course, special kudos go to our Management Representative, David Lowenstein, for
his outstanding contribution.

Profile: Alex Chan

JHL is pleased to announce the addition of Alex Chan, Ph.D. to our expanded hair color
team in New York City. Alex has his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from New York
University and over 20 years experience with scientific research and product development
in the hair care industry. His prior work with Clairol, Revlon, and Unilever emphasized hair
colorant technology for a wide range of markets, combining chemistry background with an
understanding of commercial principles. Alex has launched numerous products in the
market, presented and authored papers on various hair colorant topics, and been granted
many patents on hair dyeing technologies. Since joining JHL in the spring of 2004 he has
headed several internal product development teams and brought his problem-solving
expertise to our customers in the field as well. We are happy to have his unique perspective
added to our group.

New Department at JHL

Thanks to its family of dedicated sales agents, JHL distributes its quality products to over 50
countries. But our agents are more than just a distribution network. Each agency looks after
its territory with quality sales and premium service, tailoring our many offerings to suit local
tastes and keeping JHL customers well-informed.

Supporting and managing this growing network is an increasingly challenging task because
the existing markets continue to expand and JHL develops new markets all the time. So in
response to this growth we are pleased to announce the creation of a new Marketing Department,
operating out of our New York headquarters, to help meet the increasing needs of the agents

The new department will not alter any of our pre-existing marketing programs, but will be
dedicated to improving market intelligence and internal forecasting. By creating a company-wide
marketing framework, it will also implement new promotional programs to coordinate with agents
in the field.

David Lowenstein will head the new department as Marketing Manager, following his implementation
of ISO 9000 and a year of project work in the laboratories. "The goal is to increase our level of
excellence," he says, "by better managing the stream of information coming in daily from our agents
around the world."



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