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Tanning Products

Soaking and Degreasing Agents

DE-SOL-A: solvent base detergent

ELBRO 100-C: (see “enzymes“)

LP-12-G/LP-12-B: nonionic degreasing agent (see “reinforcing auxiliaries“)

ECO SOLVO B: nonionic solvent-soluble emulsifier/detergent.

ECO WETTER HAC / WETTER GLE: nonionic soaking agents, bactericides and fungicides.

LOWENOL CONDITIONER A-S: can be used in multiple parts of tanning process to prevent damage.

LOWENOL DETERGEX A: a non-ionic solvent soluble emulsifier and detergent.

DRUMMING SOLVENT ECO 15: Biodegradable / environmentally friendly degreasing agent. For drumming and wet uses.

LOWATAN ZN: retanning agent, non-staining.


ELBRO 100-C: safe & fast soaking agent

SUPER LOTAN A: acid enzyme (liquid)

SUPER LOTAN A-MT: acid enzyme (liquid)

SUPER LOTAN F(A)I: acid enzyme (liquid)

ELBRO SR: acid enzyme (powder)

Oils & Greases

MINK GREASE TP-D: kicking grease for all fur skins

MINK GREASE TP-N: kicking grease for all fur skins

FRIESOL U-88-L: kicking grease for all fur skins

TANNING OIL G: modified anionic fatliquor

MINK OIL WL: (see “reinforcing products-leather bleaches“)

MINK STUFFING GREASE: kicking grease for all fur skins

NU-OIL: modified nonionic hand/brush applied oil (lanolin based)

LOWENOL: modified anionic fatliquor

LOWENOL LFS: modified anionic fatliquor

LOWENOL LFH: modified anionic fatliquor

LOWENOL LFB-N: modified anionic fatliquor

LOWENOL LFW: modified anionic fatliquor

WHITE OIL TT: nonionic oil for bleaching & white tans

SUEDOL SP: (see “auxiliaries for leather dyeing“)

Tanning / Retanning Auxilliaries

EL-CRO-TAN: liquid chrome complex leather softener

MOUTOTAN: liquid chrome retanning agent; self-basifying

TAN LY: synthetic retanning agent

TANNING ASSIST B: slow acting buffer for aluminum or chrome tans

LOWATAN A-3: aldehyde retanning agent, non-staining

LOWATAN ZN: retanning agent, non-staining

Finishing Chemicals

NEW GLO / GLO-MOR: fur lustering compound for use during finish drumming

LUSTER 50-L CONCENTRATE: fur lustering compound for use during ironing

MF-3: protein fur conditioner and protective agent used during drumming or in bleach or oxidation dye bath

ELBOMOR: leather & thread lubricant for nailing out fur skins